Crop is a little hidden hair haven based in the Essex market town of Braintree.

A place you can step away from your daily stresses and slow down for a while. You will walk in and be met with the scent of aromatherapy oils, great music and a smile. A nurturing, calming space where our purpose is to care for you, your hair and the environment.


Usually in Mon/Tues/Wed/Sat

Your first port of call when you visit Crop, our super friendly receptionist will be sure to make you feel welcome and at home. Sara is also a product pro, so feel free to drop her a message or ask on your next visit for any product advice.

Hair Icon: Tilda Swinton
Favourite era: 40s
Favourite Film: Captain Fantastic
Music loves: David Bowie
Specialities: A wicked cuppa, vegan cooking and all things Glam Rock


Usually in Mon/Tues/Wed/Sat

Our lovely salon owner Millie brings lots of different experiences to Braintree. Follower of the Curly Girl method and full of hair and eco- tips that she is always happy share.

Hair Icon: Stevie Nicks
Favourite film: Inception
Favourite era: 70s
Music loves: Trip hop
Specialities: Curly cutting, colour corrections, head massages.


Usually in Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat

Our bubbly stylist Toni is upbeat and precise, she prides herself on always being on time and consistent. Always a pleasure.

Hair Icon: Jessie J
Favourite film: Dirty Dancing
Favourite era: 90s
Music loves: 90s garage
Specialities: Precision cuts, mens cuts, Balayage.


Usually in Mon/Tues/Wed/Thur & Last Saturday of Each Month

Comedian Sean is our most experienced stylist. Sean has over 30 years of hairdressing behind him so has some great stories to share and knows his craft.

Hair Icon: Audrey Hepburn
Favourite film: Star Wars
Favourite era: 80s
Music loves: Brit pop
Specialities: Short textured cuts, perms, Dad Jokes


Usually in Mon/Tues/Fri/Sat

Calm and collected Jess is a favourite for colour and great at delivering a relaxing experience.

Hair Icon: Jennifer Aniston
Favourite film: Pretty Woman
Favourite era: 60s
Music loves: Anything and everything
Specialities: Balayage, highlights, braiding.


Usually in Friday & Some Saturdays

Zoe is really passionate about the hair industry and even spends the rest of her time teaching the next generation of hairdressers. Her clients are always in safe hands.

Hair Icon: Brigitte Bardot
Favourite film: Labyrinth
Favourite era: 70s
Music loves: 70s Rock
Specialities: Colour transformations, giving you your spark back.


Usually in Mon / Tues / Thurs & Sat

Creative and composed Amber with a flare for hair. Amber loves learning new techniques and keeping her work modern. If you’re looking for something unique, she’s your girl.

Hair icon: Cher
Favourite film: bridesmaids
Favourite era: 00s
Music: Loves 2000s pop
Specialities: creative colour